Thursday, April 2, 2015

Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii

Aloha, malhini. In English, this means “Hello, tourist.” Aloha also means “goodbye” in Hawaiian. Welcome to a place where there are beautiful beaches, sunsets, dancing, and so much more. Honolulu is Hawaiian for “sheltered bay.” It is also the capital and largest city in Hawaii. There are many things to do and see in Honolulu, but today I will teach you about the land and climate in Honolulu, what to do in Honolulu, and what the culture is like in Honolulu. 
Honolulu is covered with sand and beaches. There are many different types of beaches, whether you are looking for white gleaming sand, the best surf, or turquoise waters, Honolulu has all of them. One of the the biggest is Waikiki Beach. One other thing Honolulu’s land features is volcanos. The island that Honolulu is on, has the most frequent volcanic activity overall the islands. It would be quite the sight to see, but don’t get too close! Honolulu’s temperature is mild all year long. It ranges from 70-90 degrees. The warmest months are August and September. 
Honolulu has many things to do and see in your free time. Whether you just want to relax on the beach, or visit the historical Pearl Harbor battle field, you got it! You can also take a climb in the mountains, like Moana Loa, the highest peak in Hawaii. There is also a huge shopping center, Ala Moana. And don’t forget to stop by at night and watch the sunset. It is such a beautiful sight. 
The people in Honolulu and all of Hawaii are a mix of many different people. Most of Hawaii’s population is Asian, Japanese, and English. These people have a mix of different languages, but most prefer English. Some speak Hawaiian too. The people in Hawaii love to dance. One of the most popular dances is the hula. When you arrive in Honolulu, you might be greeted with hula dancers. Music is also a big part of Honolulu’s culture. One of the most popular music instruments is the ukulele. Hawaiian clothing is very bright and colorful. Some examples would be an aloha shirt, which is a shirt with brightly colored designs on it like flowers. An accessory they have are leas. It is a necklace with flowers all around it. 
Honolulu is full of exciting and fascinating things and people. Honolulu is great for all ages, and would be a very fun trip. If you like the land and climate, the wonderful things to do, and the culture of the people, Honolulu is the perfect place for you. Aloha for now malhini. See you in Honolulu!


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