Saturday, November 29, 2014

Name Poem

It means smart, athletic, smiling,
Its the number 1,
Its like a bright sky in a summer morning,
Its going to the cabin on beautiful weekends,
Its the memory of my parents,
Who taught me to be strong and to laugh,
When we both had hard times.
My name is Chloe
It means that anything is possible,
when you put your mind to it. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Acrylic Poem

Being Agressive
Assisting the ball
Shooting the ball
Keeping control
Everybody moving
Teamwork is everything
Being sportsmanship-like
Always watching
Losing can make you learn from mistakes
Lacking effort is unreasonable

Monday, November 24, 2014

Blindsight Poster


Motivation is a big part in the movie “Blindsight” because, of the dedication of everyone. At the beginning, Erik climbed to the top of Mount Everest, even though he was blind. This got the attention of many. Erik had heard of this blind school and said he wanted to take some students there to a peak on Mount Everest. When they went to the peak they were all excited. Halfway through, many people started to get tired and get headaches. Even though these things may have stopped them, they kept going. An example in my life is when I’m on a sports team and are down by a lot. To me the score means nothing. The only thing that matters is that I walk out of that gym knowing that I tried my hardest and never gave up. 

                                                       Photo Credit: Katie Morrow

Friday, November 14, 2014

American Freedom

American Freedom
    Do you ever ponder where you get your freedom from? Many soldiers gave up their lives just for you, so you can live in a land of freedom. In freedom, there is sacrifice, when family members go to the forces, and then comes celebration, when all wars and fighting is over. 
Sacrifice is an important role in freedom. In World War 1, about 37 million people died. In World War 2, over 60 million died. Think about that. All of those people died just for you. For your freedom. And that is just from two wars, when we have had many more. Every time you see a veteran, always say, “ Thank you for your service,” it means a lot. 
Sometimes your family goes to war too. It is very hard to see them leave like that. I’ve never had my family member go to war and not come back, but I know It would be hard. I had four family members in the forces. My Uncle John was in the Army, and in a couple of recent wars in the Middle East. My Aunt Julie was in in the National Guard. My Grandpa Scott was in the Army, and my other Grandpa was in the Army, too.
After all the wars and fighting are over, there comes a celebration. One of the most famous celebrations we celebrate every year is the 4th of July. On that day we celebrate the independence we fought for and won. We light off fireworks and watch them burst into the sky. This day is set aside for all  Americans to celebrate our independence and remember what it cost our country to achieve it. 
In freedom, there is sacrifice, family members joining the forces, and then comes celebration, when all the wars and fighting come to an end. What these people do for our country is amazing. So, the next time you see a veteran, thank them, it means a lot.