Friday, October 31, 2014

Adverb Poem

A pumpkin 
A pumpkin glows brightly
A pumpkin glows brightly, flickeringly
glows brightly, flickeringly, hauntingly, spookically
When the ghosts and creatures creep by.

Ghost at OHS

Ghost at OHS

Have you ever heard the legend at OHS? Her name is Gracie Ghost, and she’s been haunting the spooky school hallways since her and her classmates were in school. She wears a long coat, and ripped up jeans. Her hair is black, long, and wavy. She also has a long, pointed nose, and green sparkling eyes. 
Whenever you visit OHS, do you ever notice something of yours missing? Gracie is very mischievous and loves to steal. When class starts, she rushes through lockers and steals homework, pencils, and everything you put in her sight. When, she hears a student complaining that he had lost something, she laughs a very high pitched, and loud laugh, almost like a wicked witch. You can hear the mysterious laugh from the front of the building all the way to the back. When she gets caught, she vanishes and is not heard from for the rest of  the day. 
Gracie also follows some kids into class once in a while. When the teacher has her back turned to the students, she likes to write funny jokes on the board. When the students laugh and the teacher turns around, she erases it real fast with her magical ghost powers. The teachers have never discovered and maybe never will, what has made those kids to laugh so much. 
Nobody has ever seen Gracie, but many hope they will. While she can be mischievous, she is also funny and a nice ghost. Gracie continues to haunt the school still today, so keep a sharp eye out for missing pencils, homework, and especially the loud and wicked laugh.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Hogwarts Halloween Feast

Hogwarts Halloween Feast

As I walked into the Great Hall, their was everything you could’ve imagined about Halloween. There was floating pumpkins all around the room. Thunder boomed and lightning flashed from the magic ceiling that looked like the midnight sky. Bats were screeching all around. There were even some ghosts flying around,scaring us once in a while. Also, everyone was wearing a  frightening costume. 
The food was delicious. The plates magically appeared when Professor Dumbledore was done doing his speech. There was  everything from mashed potatoes, roast beef, seafood, Italian, Mexican, and so many more! Then, came our desert. There was sweet and sour candies, all of the mouth-watering pies you can think of, a chocolate fountain, ice cream, and cupcakes of all different flavors. We also had my favorite drink of all time, butter beer. 
After we were done eating all of the wonderful foods, Ron Wesley, my best friend, and I did broom racing. The broomsticks went super fast, almost as fast as an airplane. Ron can try all he wants, but will never beat me. 

The feast was now ending. Dumbledore did his final speech, and we were off. Today was  so exciting. Now it is time to wait for the next Halloween.  

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Nursery Rhyme

"Baa, baa, black sheep..."
Baa, baa, black sheep,
   Have you any fur? 
Yes, man, yes man,
   Three sacks full;
One for my leader,
   One for my matron,
 And one for the tiny boy   That lives in our ally.